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Nimrod Aldaag

Transposing Trans* People to Hi-Tech



Hebrew, English


Working in Hi-Tech for over a decade, and being very involved in LGBTQIA community in Israel, one day it struck me - how haven't I met a single Trans* person working in Israeli Hi-Tech so far? I had a colleague from the USA that transitioned while we were working for the same employer, and I took great inspiration from her and her willingness to not let anything stop her on her journey. From that point on, I started researching to be more familiarized with the challenges of Trans* folks in Israel, especially when it comes to finding a job in Tech. What I learned touched me deeply and I decided that for this situation to change, at least a bit, I need to do something about it.

Trans* people are struggling with many challenges in their lives, an acceptive and safe workplace being a major one of them. The wall residing between Trans* people and coveted Hi-Tech roles is too high for most to climb. In this talk we will cover Transpose, a program designed to help Trans* people get into Hi-Tech companies. We will review the journey, struggles and goals in this project and how Tech companies can be proactive by including more Trans* people in their workforce.
I made myself an ally of the Trans* community with the purpose of trying to help both individuals and trans* as a group to have more doors opened for them when embarking on an employment journey in Tech.


Nimrod Aldaag


Nimrod always felt a strong connection to his community, he's been involved and volunteering in LGBTQ+ frameworks since he was a teenager.
He served for 6 years in 8200 unit in several roles. After finishing his military service, Nimrod started studying Industrial Engineering and worked as a consultant at Deloitte. After some years, he took a turn, and went on to pursue a product management career in several companies. Today he is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft R&D center in Israel.

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