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LGBT+ Community


Our Mission

We started LGBTech 10 years ago to promote diversity and inclusion for the LGBT+ community in the Israeli workforce, and above all, to create a community.

We believe that all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer people should feel seen, supported, and included, so they can thrive in the workplace.

LGBTech is here to make that happen, with your help. Whether you've been a part of our community from day one, or you're just getting to know us - you belong here

Our Goals

Celebrate and Connect 

We host professional networking events that feature inspiring, world-class tech leaders

Increase Visibility

We all need role models—our bi-annual LGBT+ executive list helps you find them! Watch this space!

Collect and Share Data

We publish an annual survey to evaluate our community's challenges and progress in the workplace.

Bridge the Gaps

Representation is a real challenge - our mentoring program connects LGBT+ people from different generations

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