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About Us

Our Story

LGBTech was founded in 2011 by Shachar Grembek, a tech and social entrepreneur. While coming out of the closet at work, he faced challenges that made him realize that the work environment in Israel has a long way to go.


He decided to start a journey to make the workforce more diverse and inclusive for the LGBT+ community.

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Our Vision

At LGBTech, we imagine a future where LGBT+ employees are able to bring 100% of themselves to work.


We fight for diversity and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer (LGTB+) people in the workforce by promoting public policy changes, working hand-in-hand with global and local companies, and supporting our community.

11 Years


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Board Members

Shachar Grembek2.jpg

Shachar Grembek
Founder & Chair

“I founded LGBTech because I believe that everyone should have the right to be themselves at work without being discriminated against.”

Bianca Lewis

Bianca Lewis

"I joined LGBTech to ensure that members of our community can enter the workforce and enjoy equality and diversity."

Neta Feller.jpg

Neta Feller

"I believe we have a mission to promote equality and honor the most basic human desire: to be accepted, belong, and be who you really are."

Jeremy Seeff_edited.jpg

Jeremy Seeff

"I joined LGBTech as I wanted to contribute to making the Israeli workplace better for the LGBT+ community"

Reut Naggar_edited.jpg

Reut Naggar

"When I was exposed to LGBTech's work and accomplishments achieved so far, I knew I had to be part of it."

Shai Davis_edited.jpg

Shai Davis

"I began working with LGBTech to help create a generation of out, successful, professional LGBT+ role models."

Tomer Elias.jpg

Tomer Elias

"I strive to achieve a better career starting point for our LGBT+ community."

LGBTech promotes diversity and inclusion for Israel's LGBT+ workforce

Meet the Team


Idan Simchony
Head of Media

״I joined LGBTech because I am a true believer in the organization's cause and have been a community activist and rights advocate for many years. The wonderful people, work, and companies we work with are just a plus!״

Sarit Oren_edited.jpg

Sarit Oren

"LGBTech is my way to put myself out there, proud & loud, and be a part of a huge change."


Niva Grunzwieg
Project & Operations Manager

"I joined LGBTech to take part in making the workplace more diverse and inclusive. I believe that a truly open and inclusive culture is the key to organisational success."

Ella Einy _edited.jpg

Ella Einy
Organizational Consultant

"I joined LGBTech with the desire to accompany organizations in changing and expanding minds and hearts, to include as many human colors as possible."

LGBTech Around the World

LGBTech France

Association that aims to develop the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the tech sector by uniting the community of tech professionals.

LGBTech Netherlands

Organizes fun, professional tech events by putting the spotlight on meaningful dialogue between fabulous LGBT entrepreneurs and Proud corporate workers.

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