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Tali story gives a glimpse into her life journey, from growing up as a lesbian in a traditional Sephardi family to living in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, to 13 years of military service as a lesbian officer.

Eventually, becoming a senior manager in a male-dominated industry while facing discrimination against women. Tali lives live openly with her wife and son as lesbian parents today in TLV.

About Me

Tali Mahar has been working in the tech industry for almost 10 years. She started as a Java backend developer moving fast to management roles to her current position as Information Systems Group Manager.

After graduating from Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University, she started working at EMC/Dell and later joined INFINIDAT, a promising storage startup. Tali is a proud lesbian married woman and the mother of cute Neil who does her best to keep home-work balance in this challenging world.

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