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Shira Korman


English, Hebrew 

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Over the last few years, innovative organizations have been embracing ״Diversity and inclusion״ as a step to business growth – it seems straight forward: Greater representation leads to wider product prospective and in turn equals GROWTH. However, whether we’d like to admit it or not, work is not the same as being with friends or even just strangers. There’s a financial incentive, that often comes down to employees thinking “maybe I shouldn’t speak up.”

Studies in US had shown that most people want something different out of work from they do now: They want more purpose, they want it to be less transactional, they want real inclusion - not just representation, and to feel like they can be themselves at work. Other studies found that if organizations let their employees be themselves the company tends to grow financially.

In this lecture Shira take this information of “being yourself is good for business” and help to understand, through her personal experience, issues of gender perception and the LGBT+ community: how to ask about pronouns, how to overcome awkwardness, how to get to know LGBT+ people better and how we can all be more like ourselves at work.

Shira is a real estate agent, and business consultant with a special revenue expertise and a social activist.

In the past 5 years she's been working in Banks through all divisions improving cross-departmental efficiency and total revenue.

Shira also teaches public speaking & peaching with emphasis on women & LGBT+ community.

She is a volunteer and was a board member on "Hoshen", her mission is to build a self-sustained financial system that will make the organization non-dependent on external support. Currently Shira is founding the first LGBT+ (&friendly) Debate club to fight homophobia with rhetorical tools.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
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