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רות ביגר - צילום ינאי יחיאל (1) - Ruth Biger.jpg

Coming out of the closet is never easy. But what if there are a few closets to come out of? What if your child who has autism comes out of the closet to you? What if your response is to hug him tight, take a deep breath and come out of the closet too? 

Ruth lecture will focus on the intersecting identities of LGBTQ and people with disabilities - What does it mean personally, socially, economically and occupationally?

Through her personal story combining research and professional literature, we will examine the difficulties and barriers faced by LGBTQ with disability when trying to enter the labor market and how their employment contributes to creating a climate of diversity, equality and inclusion.

We will learn what "Purple Pound" is and why values of diversity, equality and inclusion are not just beautiful or beautifying words, but factors that directly affect the profit line of every workplace and business.

About Me

Lawyer and social activist promoting the rights of people with disabilities. Curator and a poet, member of P8 Cooperative Gallery for Contemporary Art. Studied law at the University of Haifa and art at the Beit Berl Art College.

Member of the Consultation Forum for the Disability Administration at the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security. Took part in developing the municipal work plan for the promotion of LGBTQ with disabilities in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  Facilitator of the first support group for parents with LGBTQ children with disabilities. Curator of the Disability & Art Incubator in Hamekarer Gallry sponsured by Mifal Ha’Pais.

Her book "The Horizontal Route" won the Minister of Culture's Award for “First Book Publishing” for the year 2017.

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