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Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow



Hebrew, English

Lecture, Panel

Anat will talk about her personal coming out story with some useful LGBT+ terminology, tools and ways to create a safe space for everyone.
How to take our company over the rainbow? what it means to be a great ally to the LGBT+ community and is it so important? What is gender? How to increase awareness to LGBT+ needs in the public sphere and in the workplace and What non-LGBT+ people can gain from it?

A great talk for companies, organizations, medical crew, police officers, social workers and such.

Anat Nir


Anat is a strategic advisor, producer, public speaker and a marketing expert. An LGBT+ and a feminist activist. She worked behind the scenes of nation level events and led civic and public campaigns.
Anat is a researcher of the connections between gender and economy, she has a Master's degree from the UN University for Peace, in the Gender and Peace building departments and, her thesis is about the financial independence of women in Israel.

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