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Life Begins Where Fear Ends

Life Begins Where Fear Ends



Hebrew, English

Lecture, Panel

Michael's talk focuses on his life story as a transgender man. He recounts his journey from early childhood in South Africa, his family’s Aliya to Israel, attending a religious all-girls school, joining the Israeli army, and his difficulties, challenges, loves, and coping as a trans man in Israeli society. The talk promotes insight into gender identity, life values, and developing tolerance and recognition of other people while dislodging misconceptions and stereotypes.

Michael Alroy


Michael holds a B.A. in Communication and Business Management from The Colman College of Management Academic Studies.

Specializing in sales enablement and training BDR and SDR teams, Michael particularly focuses on assisting Israeli Hi-Tech companies. Over the past few years, he has been involved in business development and B2B sales, aiding startups in the healthcare and gaming industry to attract new clients and establish strategic partnerships.

Michael is a digital nomad who serves as an independent business development and automation consultant for early-stage startups.

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