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Is DEI Possible in Wartime?

Is DEI Possible in Wartime?





The world's most advanced organizations invest resources in managing diversity to lead with business results. In a reality where talent competition is enormous, organizations that succeed in hiring the most talented people from all parts of society guarantee themselves a significant advantage in recruiting, employing, and retaining talent and excellent employees.

But what happens when there is a war? Swords of Iron is a complicated, extended, and expensive war, and it has many implications for all areas of Israeli society, in all areas of life. The current war is unlike previous in terms of the scope of the fighting, the scope of rockets, the scope of reserve for duty, and the decision to evacuate more than 100,000 residents from their homes. Moreover, in the current war, which is still ongoing, there are 15 times more wounded than the average number of injured that were in the Second Lebanon War, Cast Lead, and Operation Protective Edge.

What are the implications of the fighting for Israeli society, the labor market, and the economy? How does all this affect organizations, and how does it relate to diverse populations? Most importantly, what should organizations do to promote diversity and inclusion nowadays? We will talk about all these and more in the lecture.

The lecture include a glimpse of Shany’s journey of a Gender Confirmation process, which he is currently in the midst of.

Shany Krauz


Shany has rich experience of over 13 years as a manager and is experienced in leading cross-organizational change processes in the private and public sectors. Shany engages in formulating and implementing policies, and is involved in creating outreach and training programs.

In recent years his focus has been on Diversity and Inclusion both in the academic field and in the workforce. In the last four years, Shany has been the manager of Diversity & Inclusion of a major security organization in Israel. He is also a Ph.D. student in the Gender Studies program at Bar-Ilan University, and his research focuses on the work experiences of LGBT+ managers and managers with disabilities in Hi-Tech.

In the past year Shany has been going through a Gender Confirmation process, and he is still in the midst of this journey. All this while his everyday conversation with the world is about reducing biases, providing equal opportunity, and promoting equality in the workplace.

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