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How I Became... Me

How I Became... Me



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The only constant is change: coming out of the closet, twice.
Who are you? who do you love? what are your pronouns? such simple questions for some, yet so confusing for others.
Shira came out as a lesbian when she was a teenager, when it was just LGT - either you’re attracted to the same sex or you want to be the other sex. Finding her orientation as a lesbian explained a lot, yet still something didn’t feel right: She was boyish as a girl, masculine as a woman, and generally asked herself if she should transition because she don’t quite feel herself in her skin. However she felt that she's not a man or want to become one.

The last decade brought up a conversation about gender and sexual fluidity, which helped Shira redefine herself as a Genderqueer, come out again, and deal with similar and different challenges.
Join Shira in a story about having the cake, eating it too - with sprinkles of pride on top.

Shira Korman


Shira is a business consultant with a special revenue expertise and a social activist.

In the past 6 years she's been working in Banks through all divisions improving cross-departmental efficiency and total revenue.

Shira also teaches public speaking & peaching with emphasis on women and LGBT+ community.

She's a volunteer and was a board member at "Hoshen", her mission is to build a self-sustained financial system that will make the organization non-dependent on external support.
Shira is also the founder of the first LGBT+ (&friendly) Debate club to fight homophobia with rhetorical tools.

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