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From Bnei Brak to TLV

From Bnei Brak to TLV





In her talk, Shany will share her life story as an orthodox lesbian.
From her early childhood in Beni Brak to attending a religious all-girls school to love, marriage, motherhood, and divorce.

Shany describes the difficulties, challenges, and the times and places where she had to come out of her closet every day. It all relates to her career path, moving from a designer role to a senior Product Mamager who's responsible for the most innovative AI product.

Hint: Diversity is indeed challenging, but it's not necessarily a disadvantage.

Shany Navon


Shany is a Senior Product Manager at D-ID. She is passionate about translating complex technologies into user-friendly products, bringing everyone onboard, and making them feel included.

Since 2007, she has also been a member of Bat Kol (Israel's only NGO for LGBTQ women).

The diversity and inclusion she brings to the workplace mirrors her identity as an Mizrahi-woman, a peripheral, a lesbian, formerly religious, a mother, and a divorcee.

Shany has more than a decade of experience in the tech industry, including companies such as Fyber, Mobilze, Via and D-ID.

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