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Breaking Binary Code: Journeys of the Gender Spectrum in Tech

Breaking Binary Code: Journeys of the Gender Spectrum in Tech



Hebrew, English

Lecture, Panel

After working in Tech for over a decade, and being very involved in LGBTQIA community in Israel, one day it struck me - how haven't I met a single Trans* person working in Israeli Tech so far? Down the rabbit hole, I went and learned more and more about the challenges facing Trans* folks coming into proximity with Tech. This yellow brick road is littered with missing chunks, high walls, and biased characters.

This led me to create Transpose, a program designed to help Trans* people get into Hi-Tech companies through education, training, and support. Join me in this lecture to learn about the said challenges, my personal journey and the one with Transpose, and the intersection between Trans* and Tech through some inspiring stories.

Nimrod Aldaag


Nimrod always felt a strong connection to his community, he's been involved and volunteering in LGBTQ+ frameworks since he was a teenager.
He served for 6 years in the prestigious 8200 unit, taking several different roles. After his military service, Nimrod graduated from Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. After a short run as a consultant at Deloitte, Nimrod turned to his true passion - Product Management, in companies like Cybereason and Microsoft. Today he is a Director of Product Management at Claroty.

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