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A "Normative" LGBT+ Journey

A "Normative" LGBT+ Journey



Hebrew, English


We all have several identities, some of which are visible to others and some are "transparent"; these identities influence our choices and create our unique "Israeli journey."
Asaf's story is very Israeli and "normative" on the one hand. Still, it's also a story of recurring experiences of coming out: Coming out to his parents at the age of 12, and again at the age of 22, in the army as a combat company commander, again when facing his partner's family who still in the closet, and then when deciding to build a family.

Asaf will talk about the implications of starting a “gay family” when none of the parents wants to slow down their career and from there to establishing a business and the daily dilemmas in managing a diverse team and open relationships with partners, clients, and suppliers, where there are challenges of when and how to mark yourself as gay man in business relationships.

Asaf's lecture tells his unique story with humor and vulnerability while trying to answer many different questions.

Asaf Huri Ashkenazi


For the past 16 years, Asaf has been running Allen Carr Israel - a method for quitting smoking, sugar, and addictions that he brought to Israel in 2007, at the same time Asaf was the owner and partner in several businesses in the food and beverage industry in Israel and Tel Aviv, in particular the Shpagat - bar of the gay community for several years.
In the past, he was an instructor in the Michael method - "the exploitation of personal skills for excellence" and he is an officer in the reserves after permanent service in IDF and the performance of two positions as a company commander.

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