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Shany Krauz

QueerWorks, QueeRocks!





What is the connection between 'Queer' and the leading organizations in the Israeli economy? Why 'Otherness' is of organizational interest? And what trends does the employment of people from diverse groups in the Israeli labor market reveal?

Diversity and inclusion are great concepts that are increasingly being used, but it isn't always clear how they relate to our daily work experiences. Shany will clarify the concept of 'Diversity' through her occupational journey and describe what it's like to be a queer person who promotes diversity in one of the most central organizations in Israeli society. The lecture will show the value of diversity without minimizing the complexity it holds, offering managerial and interpersonal tools for creating an inclusive organizational environment.

Shany's story describes her private journey and how it led her to engage with and explore the issue of Diversity and Inclusion of LGBT+ in organizations in order to increase equity in the labor market.


Shany Krauz


Shany has vast experience of over 10 years as a manager. Experienced in leading consulting processes in the private and public sectors and serves as the manager of Occupational Diversity in a large security organization.

She is an expert in the development of large-scale strategic processes, and in the formulation and implementation of policies. Shany leads cross-organizational changes processes and develops outreach and training programs.

Shany is a PhD student in the Gender Studies program at Bar-Ilan University, and her research focuses on work experiences of LGBT+ managers and managers with disabilities in Hi-Tech. In recent years her focus is on ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, ‘Diversity Management’ and ‘Organizational Justice’, both in the academic field and in the workforce.

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