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Shani Shitrit

Bridging the Gap // DEI Bootcamp



Hebrew, English

Workshop, Lecture

What is Diversity? Why is inclusion important for all of us in our workspace and not just for LGBTQ+ people?
Shani will share their personal story; they will give some basic knowledge that can help you connect with others and influence your workspace.
Shifting diversity from a challenge to an advantage is the name of the game.

A More Diverse Workforce Brings Greater Success.
Does your organization want to be part of this success?
If you want to create a diverse and Inclusive workspace and don’t quite know how to get there, especially in times like this, we can hold a vision together with the complexities and inconvenience it might take.
We offer 3 hours workshop to discuss, learn, and experience what mindset and practices can support HR staff & all employees in the organization.


Shani Shitrit


Shani (they/them) is a certified mediator, as well as having over a decade of experience in Hi-Tech, as a financial analyst and programmer.

Shani brings diversity and inclusion into the workspace, building bridges through understanding and respect.

Shani is a-binary, a loving and devoted parent and partner, special-abled and a human-rights activist.

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