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Maya Orabi

The first transgender nurse in Israel



Hebrew, Arabic


The talk presents Maya's life story as a trans person, the many hats that she wears: taking difficult experiences and rolling them into success, how to lead by example and be role model for others. Maya believes we all bear responsibility, as a society, for the next generations.

Maya will walk her audience through sex and gender terms, she'll talk identifying the right time for the right act: the process of gender reassignment in Israel, what it includes, and what the main challenges are; presenting tools she developed and collected during her life from the many conflicts she has had to deal with.


Maya Orabi


The first transgender nurse in Israel, with a bachelor's degree in nursing and a master's degree in health systems management. A social activist for over 5 years around transgender issues: Active in the Gila project for trans empowerment; Established the Keshet Gender Adaptation Clinic at Wolfson Medical Center; Active in the Alwan group for the LGBT+ in Arab society in Israel, under IGY organization; Accompanies transgender people in the process of gender reassignment.

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