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Elisha Alexander

Transitioning from Hi-Tech to Activism



Hebrew, English


Having completed a B.Sc in Computer Science, and supposedly a promising career in information security and systems programming ahead, an identity crisis leads Elisha to a journey of self-discovery and a big career and life change.

In his talk, Elisha will describe the complex journey he has gone through, from the cheerful high-tech days of 20 or so years ago, at a time when the words ""diversity and inclusion"" were less popular, and the word ""transgender"" was hardly heard, to the founding of the largest trans organization in Israel.

Elisha's life story will not only reveal what could have been done differently to include him, as a high-tech worker, but also the exciting and innovative struggle of a small and marginalized community, which recently became, strangely enough, the spearhead in the struggle between conservatives and liberals in Israel and the world.

After a brief explanation of terms on sex, gender and sexuality, Elisha will give some simple tools for making the work environment trans-friendly.


Elisha Alexander


Elisha has been an LGBTQ+ activist for over two decades. He founded Ma’avarim, Israel's largest trans organization, and managed the trans program of Tel Aviv Municipality LGBTQ+ center.

In 2018, Elisha was listed among the most influential LGBTQ+ activists of the decade by Mako, and awarded the "Activist of the Decade" by the Tel-Aviv Municipality.

Elisha is 47, holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science, loves cocktails, identifies as trans and gay, and lives in Givatayim.

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