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Alon Livneh

On-the-Job Transitioning



Hebrew, English

Lecture, Panel

Think of a big change you made in your life - starting or ending a relationship, switching jobs or even careers, moving to a different city. When did you share your big news with the people around you? When you were still having doubts and exploring your feelings, or when you had already decided (or maybe even after making the switch)?

In this talk, Alon shares his story about undergoing a major (and very visible) life change, transitioning from female to male, while working at the same company. Alon questions how open we all are to change, and how it impacts our environment. Finally, Alon talks about what we can all do, as companies and as people, to embrace change and accommodate those undergoing it.


Alon Livneh


Alon is a B2B product marketing manager with 7 years of experience in marketing, including digital and content marketing.
He currently works as a Product Marketing Manager at Riskified.
Alon is a proud trans man, partner, and father.

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