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Talks in: English, Arabic, Hebrew 

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In this talk, Mohammad will describe his life growing up in Jerusalem, studying at Birzeit University for his BA, moving to Tel Aviv, as well as how he integrated into the city's LGBT community.

During his tenure at Aguda - Israel's LGBT Task Force, he was elected the first Arab Board member, as well as founding Alwan, the first Arabic LGBTQ+ group.

Mohammad will also talk about his career path, from credit manager at Bank Leumi, through different work experiences and co-founding 'Certify' - a digital health network to prevent STIs and stop the spread of them and the next milestones he set for himself.

His talk will walk you through the different local and international political conflicts of our region and the human rights activities he took part in and still are.


About Me

Mohammad is a Product Manager at Bright Data, an entrepreneur and a problem solver.

He is the Ex-founder and CEO of @ Certify, a startup in the field of digital health.

Mohammad was elected the First Arab Board member of The Aguda – Israel's LGBT Task Force, and he was one of the founders of "Alwan", the first Arabic LGBTQ+ group.

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