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Mentoring Program

Working at Home

Our Program

Our goal is to empower and connect different generations of LGBT+ women in the workforce.


Our mentees are students who are looking for guidance in their careers, studies, or in general.

Our mentors are LGBT+ professionals who are leaders in their field.


The 6 month program offers custom-designed content based on the mentee's areas of focus (e.g. leadership skills, networking, or career advice). Mentors typically meet with mentees twice a month.

Merimot Goals

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Create intergenerational connections in the community


Empower women in the workforce through connection


Strengthen the LGBT+ professional community

Our Mentors

Our mentors are LGBT+ women who have many years of experience and have achieved impressive milestones in their careers.


These leaders come from a wide variety of fields and include developers, consultants, activists, scientists, journalists, and more!

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How to Participate

If you are a student who is a member of the LGBT+ community and who is in their second year or higher of studies at an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Israel, you're eligible to apply!

Steps of the screening process:

  1. Application

  2. Questionnaire

  3. Interview

  4. Match with a mentor

Let's Get Started!

Thank you! We'll get in touch soon!

Thank you for your interest in Merimot! The application is closed until we open our next round. Stay tuned for more!

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